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Useful 4x6 packing slips

"There is currently not a way to include more than 4 SKUs per a packing slip. Using the 8x5 packing slip will allow you to print more SKUs per a page. The extra white space is reserved for the other fields that can be added. There currently is not a way for suers to edit packing slip layouts." -Support

The current 4x6 packing slips are basically useless on large orders, unless you want to cover an entire packages in labels.

If the details blocks aren't being used there is no reason they should be kept unavailable for other data. Also there is no reason to print the ship/bill to on the top of EACH label when multiple are being printed, just the first where the header belongs. The same can be said for the bottom block that contains the order # and barcode. This only needs to be on the last label, where the footer belongs. Opening up these 3 sections could reduce orders that use 6 4x6 packing slips to 2-3.

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+1; However, each label in a multiple label set still needs some kind of reference and set indication (ex. order number and "1 of 3") so that you can confirm the label was placed on the correct package.

I think the larger issue here is that layouts (not just content) should be user configurable/customizable.

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I would love to add carton LPNs as an option, but the standard setup doesn't have that detail. Has anyone found a solve for this? 

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