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Orders edited in Shopify should modify order in Infoplus

I would love the ability to have my customer service team edit an order within Shopify and share that information in Infoplus, so the warehouse can get real-time information.

Example: an order that has been processed in Shopify but not yet fulfilled by Infoplus may need an address change. We should be able to modify the shipping address and have it update the order in Infoplus.

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This is a super useful feature. Unfortunately, it's probably impossible to do technically. The issue is that Shopify and Infoplus are two different companies with two different servers. The relationship between the servers is asynchronous. Someone could change the order on Shopify at any time (same for the copy of the order on Infoplus). There always exists some scenario in which the changes made in one place don't make it to the other in time. Unless you slow allocation and fulfillment in Infoplus down to the speed at which you can check back with Shopify (not realistic) and that Shopify would allow you to make that many requests (not likely without significant fees), it's not possible to know whether you have the latest information for any given order with certainty.

Because changes are relatively rare, the best solution would be for some kind of plugin/module that confirms change acceptance. That is, Shopify would use the Infoplus API to ensure that something you changed in Shopify was changed in Infoplus... and Infoplus would ensure that something you changed in Infoplus was changed in Shopify. Unfortunately, both systems prevent changes to orders once they enter fulfillment so this isn't currently possible.

Hope that helps. If you know better, or I made a mistake, please let me know. We all want this! =)

Jason, I am not sure if you have looked at this option but this may help you with your processes if you have edits in Shopify that you need captured in Infoplus.


If you have a bunch of orders that need updated, you could follow these steps from the linked article:

Import Orders

This allows a user to manually pull Orders from a Shopping Cart into Infoplus.  This is used when a new Shopping Cart is integrated to "kick-off" the initial order sync and bring in any Order that needs to be in Infoplus. 

Run Import OrdersView the Shopping Cart record and, in the Actions menu, select Import Orders:

The Import Type screen displays, there are two sections:

How do you want to find orders?

By Date Range - This has the user select a start date and an end date to import Orders (most common)

By specific order ids - This has the user enter specific order ids, separated by commas, for the exact Order(s) that need importing.

By order id range - This has the user enter a starting Id and an ending Id and Infoplus will attempt to import the Orders for those numbers and numbers in between. 

How do you want to load the orders?

In the Foreground - Orders will be created in Infoplus while this process runs. They will be loaded one by one. 

Note: Use this option when importing a few orders. You will see them in Infoplus when this process is complete.

In the Background - Orders will be immediately placed on a queue for loading in the background. Multiple orders will be loaded off the queue at the same time. You can review Alerts and Shopping Cart Connection Logs to monitor the results of the loading.  

Note: Use this option when many orders are being imported. It is faster for getting all of your orders loaded, and will run without you watching it, so you can move on to other tasks.After the import type is configured, and you click run, Infoplus will display if the Order(s) can or cannot be imported and why on the review screen.

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