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Inventory Adjustment improvements

Inventory adjustments are the leading cause of litigation in 3rd-party warehousing. YOU NEED DOCUMENTATION when you change inventory outside of normal receiving/fulfillment processes. 

1. Remove "Quick Adjust" and replace by enabling "Create New" on the "Inventory Adjustment" table. As a process, it's too slow and just one more pointless complication in Infoplus.

2. The "note" field is limited to 40 characters. It's just a truncated version of the "message" field from the quick adjust process, which isn't limited that way. Increase the note field length to at least 2048 characters (e.g. unlimited) and eliminate the "Quick Adjust" feature to remove the duplication of content between "note" and "message".

3. Add "add note" option to mobile app(s) so that floor staff can optionally explain changes. Anything entered here ends up in the "note" field of the adjustment record.

4. Allow editing of inventory adjustment records. You don't need immutability when you have the audit log. If you want extra operator protection you can add a permission for this to restrict certain staff (it may already be there, haven't checked) and/or add a warning dialog box.

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