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Support SKU Aliases natively

Most other WMS's offer a feature called "Aliases" where the WMS simply recognizes multiple SKU's as the same item. This is used to support things like UPC/GS1, retailer specific SKU's, vendor SKU's, etc...

There should just be another table in Infoplus called Alias with "id, SKU, Alias, Type, Vendor/Retailer, Notes"

1, ABCD, A-BCD, Alternate,,
2, ABCD, 23498724, UPC,
3, ABCD, H8K2-L, Vendor, Hong Long Clothing,
4, ABCD, 766352, Retailer, Bespoke Clothes Ltd,

Then Infoplus needs to refer to these SKU's whenever it's doing SKU operations, lookups, and filters. This solves a wide-range of problems including customer SKU changes, multi-sourcing, vendor labeling errors, reseller requirements, etc...

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It should not need mentioning, but Aliases are SKU's like any other and must be guaranteed unique. The complication is that both Aliases and canonical SKU's need to be not just unique among their own set (table), but also when combined. A SKU used canonically cannot duplicate a SKU used as an Alias and vice versa.

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This alias feature could be very useful. Our customers constantly create different SKUs for the same thing in their shipping cart. It’s been a headache for us to create those SKUs in Infoplus and then use either supplement or kit to point back to the original SKU. Some of the different SKUs are used only once and then stay in Infoplus forever. If Infoplus can create the alias feature that points to the original SKU without creating an item in Infoplus. It will make item table much cleaner.

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