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Order Date field should actually work correctly

The current Order Date field in Infoplus is terrible. It's (1) not the order date and (2) changes during the course of order processing.

This is not expected behavior and results in vital information needed for customer support (when the customer actually placed their order) being lost.

Order Date should be the date the order entered the shopping cart (e.g. when the buyer placed their order). If you want to retain the current Order Date behavior, move it to a more appropriately named field like LastModified date or UpdatedDate.

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Any progress on this?

I agree with this. I believe we've realized that "Create Date" is actually the order date.

@Aaron Moore -- "Create Date" is not actually the order date. It's the create date... the date the order entered Infoplus' database. For contemporary orders the order date and create date are close enough as to be practically reliable, but you should be careful. If your customer has older orders, or if Infoplus has a processing delay (which occurs frequently enough to be relevant), or if your customer enters back orders, or if the shopping cart is down temporarily and then catches back up, or records offline sales, or enters orders via spreadsheet, etc. ad infin. then the order date and create date will diverge.

@Jonathan Friedman This is very helpful to know, thank you. We're new users so we're trudging through all of the nuances. Have you had any issues with scales? It keeps telling us we have more than 5 scales running. Support is looking into it but hoping a fellow user might know a solution.

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