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Simpler/Better Item Descriptions

WMS's need 3 Item description fields:

1. Short Description -- used for labels and other "tight places". Abbreviations ensure labels contain enough unique information to fully disambiguate products. 40 character limit works fine.

2. Long Description -- full legal name for the item used to determine liability, provide clarity, and record the full specification. Ideally unlimited (or very large) limit. 250 characters is barely passable, should really be higher.

3. Customer-Facing Description -- Sometimes the Full Description contains proprietary or confidential information that shouldn't be exposed to the end recipient or used on a packing list. Limit should match Long Description.

What Infoplus has (and how to fix it):

* Item Description -- a short description of the item (keep this)

* Additional Description -- a second short description of the item (deprecate)

* Full Description -- a read-only field consisting of concatenating Item and Additional descriptions (1. Increase limit to 512 or greater characters, 2. Make the field writable, 3. For migration/backwards compatibility, when this field is blank, display the current scheme of concatenating Item & Additional Description fields.)

* Packing List Description -- this is/becomes the customer facing description (keep this; increase limit to match new Full Description limit)

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