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Quicker Updates for Low Stock Status and Alerts

The item Low Stock status feature is lackluster for a growing business with more than 1 shift working 5 days a week or moving to Just-in-Time Manufacturing. It would be very useful for Low Stock updates happen at the time the item enters that status rather than having the report run one time a day for the updates, like how Out of Stock updates immediately when an item reaches zero. This seems more straightforward for using the Fixed Reorder Point as a measure rather than the Lead Time.

In addition, it would be greatly appreciated for there to be no difference when making inventory adjustments to processing orders. Currently there is a 3 business day wait for status changes for adjustments and this can be an issue when a late adjustment in the week turns 3 days into 5. As time frames for ordering and processing decrease, even the once-every-night model is slow. Maybe even the option to run the report more often would be helpful.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the suggestion, I agree that running the low stock status job more frequently would be helpful. In regards to your second paragraph, any inventory adjustments you make should be real-time, there is no 3 day wait in Infoplus unless that has been built into your workflow via a custom script etc.  Can you elaborate a bit more on what you're experiencing there? Thanks!

Hi Carter,

I received a message from support as follows: "I have confirmed with our Engineers that there is a delay of 3 business days for these low stock status updates after an adjustment is made." Support then recommended that I suggest a feature to change this.

I have confirmed that if I make an adjustment to an item (not fulfilling orders) that it won't show up as a low stock after the one day period.

Thanks for checking in

Thanks for clarifying, Stephen.

I had thought you meant the inventory levels from adjustments were not being updated in real time (ie adjusting stock from 100 down to 99 etc.). We will keep this in consideration for enhancement and keep you updated with any movement! 

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