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Enhance Alternate Pick Process

Hey all,

I am starting this forum request on behalf of Infoplus users who are seeking a better way to handle the alternate pick process. We have recently had a lot of requests for this function to be ported into picking functionality so that users can 'skip' or look for a new pick location directly from the mobile apps. 

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There also must be a way to remove these from the order if alternate pick locations are not found easily. 

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This should be an optional setting, Ideally by SKU, Item Category, LoB etc. 

There are defiantly items that I want the Picker to have to get manager approval to run an alternate pick location or order removal as both of those functions permanently adjust the "missing" inventory out of stock.

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Yes we need this for our workflow.

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I would like to see this happen soon.  We really need this.

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Really need this as well as have the quantity picked be automatically adjusted in the order invoice without having to do the no stock recovery process. 

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