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serviceTypeId for split orders causes updates to fail

Where is the explanation for the fields in the API? The swagger REPL is awesome, but it just gives a schema without any notes on what the fields do/mean.

I'm trying to update a split order: 1234.799. The serviceTypeId for all my x.799 orders is "V". The serviceTypeId for all base orders is "1". If I try to PUT to /v2.0/order/ with an x.799 order (after some value modification in other fields), the API returns the 400 error response:


{errors=[Cannot insert order:<br><ul>Invalid String for field Service Type: V</li>]}

My submitted body is the result from /v2.0/order/1234.799 
with the fields createDate, shipBy, shipDate removed 
and the target data fields modified to their new values.

My best guess is the serviceTypeId is the PK in this table:


Seems impossible that the serviceTypeId could be a PK as it's most certainly not unique within the order table context (It's an FK). Either way, I'm not trying to update the serviceTypeId field.

Infoplus support mentioned it might just be a poorly reported error and the actual problem is that shipped orders are not allowed to be modified by API.

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