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Return Label Creation Enhancement



I have seen the recent update to creating return labels where it provides the option to override the Third Party Account. I think this is a great addition! 


I would like to request an enhancement of sorts. Currently when looking at the audit trail, it shows that a return label was created and provides the tracking number. Can we add in more information such as the parcel and third party account that it was generated under? Or perhaps detail if it was overridden and to what. 


At this point, I think Infoplus is setup to where we shouldn't encounter errors systematically with generating return labels on third party accounts, and now I think it's more up to the user to ensure they are creating them correctly. 

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In addition to Adams suggestion Return Label information should be accessible by a table filter.

Either it's own table or in the Shipments Table but currently there is no way to pull a report for all Return Labels Processed in general or specifically by Line of Business.

The extra Details that Adam is looking for could also be stored on this table for easy verification/reference.

I have an support ticket [#15810] in about this exact issue as a we have a customer that needs to know all of the return labels we have processed and at this point I don't think there is a good way to do so.

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