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"Start pack work over" option

Are you able to implement a "start over" feature for the packing station.

Our packers sometimes run into problems, seems like mostly when they close a carton early by accident. From there they just brute force through an order because it isn't easy for them to start over, or even to edit as when they try to fix their problems we end up with lots of extra/phantom cartons on orders.

You have a button that skips all pack work "pack all items". Do you have an option that let's the packer to start over?

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Hey Eric,

Packers should have the ability to edit or delete out cartons as long as the order has not been shipped.  You will notice a list of each carton that has been started where they can either choose to edit or delete it out entirely which will remove the scanned contents. Let us know if you are seeing otherwise!

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