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Join Tables to allow use of data from more than one table

I have multiple uses that require at least one piece of data that is only found in a particular table. This requires two tables. 

For instance, I am looking to generate a report that will provide the item's current inventory qty but then I also want to compare it to the Midpoint of the KIT table of that same item. The item/SKU is the same on both tables but cannot be accessed through a single filter/report. 

Another example would be in receiving on determining whether the PO that a return originated from still exists in inventory. I would use ORDER table to see what PO the item was derived from at the time of order and compare that to a Warehouse report showing whether that item still exists with the same PO. In most cases, if that PO is no longer existing we do not want to return the item to stock. Ie if the item order pulled a version from PO 123 rev date 0119 and when the PO is returned the current is PO 789 redate 0120 you would not want that item returned to stock. In the current returns, it would be causing an error when pulled for an order. 

Hi Rick, 

You can join data between two tables together using our scripts feature. The link below shows how a script can be used on top of a user report to add columns to it.

I am not good with scripts, Joins and other forms I have done in SQL and other data bases. 

I guess I will work with George Eye and try to have him do the script. Thanks 

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