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Return to stock / reverse fulfillment / WIP

In manufacturing, I am looking for a way to return a picked item back to stock. 

Example: we rotate between manufacturing widgets X and Y. In setting up for manufacturing widget Y, we will need to return the components which are only used for widget X back to stock with a work ticket to dictate the act of putting stock back in its location.

Is there some way to do this without creating a new 'Item Receipt'? Cancelling or unfulfilling orders also doesn't seem to have the desired outcome. 

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Hey Manuel,

We might need a little more information from you, but you are correct that we don't currently have a put back feature for our picking processes. However, our Jobs module does allow over picking and put backs. The Jobs module is essentially a 'light manufacturing' tool that allows you to create recipes for inputs and outputs (components and finished goods) where you can make use of fulfillment plans to create processes to pick the required components as if it were an order. Once you have the finished components created, an ASN gets generated that the finished good product can be received in on while the rest of it can be put back into inventory via put back work. 

Here are our knowledge base article around the feature:

Thanks Carter - I see how to create and run a job, as well as how to indicate that user is "done" with a job so that an output/assembly may be received, but I don't see anything regarding the put back work you mentioned. I have created a job in my test site, run the job and performed the pick work, but when I selected 'done' before performing the job, a new work ticket was not generated. Perhaps I am missing a setting somewhere?

Whenever you are completing the pick work for the components you will have the option to pick more than you need. If the job requires 3 but you pull a box of 5, it will ask the user to confirm the over pick and will then generate put back work for the 2 extra. You can then consume the 3 by running the job and complete the put back work at any point. The Job ASN and put back must be completed before the job will update to a completed status. 

I could not get this to work, but in any case it sounds like the 'assembly' process has to be accounted for within Infoplus to achieve the automatic return to stock. We're manufacturing in a true MES system so we would have to continue blind receiving back into stock for this purpose. 

Not I may have to develop some alternative process. 

Manuel, did you ever figure anything out about Return to Stock options? only solution i have been provided is to do inventory adjustments back in, which is not a clean process. Hoping you found a good solution. 

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