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Billing script help

Is there a more complete list of all functions available to billing scripts? It looks like the list you provided here is only partial.

Also, can I define my own functions in a script or is that restricted?

And what are the best text editors to use to write scripts for this purpose? 

I'm trying to write something fairly complex. Basically I made a billing rule that looks at the sum total of qty shipped on each line of each order for specified ship dates. What I need it to do is sum up the qty shipped per order, then apply a custom price depending on what the result of that sum is.

It also need to look at SKUs and check if that SKU is a 12 pack or not. Or a small or a large. I don't see many examples or documentation on the website for handling more complex scripts like this, any help would be approeciated.

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Another question:

How do I access an item as a JSON object? I used a script to get the full list of item numbers for a particular lobId. Now I need to get a few characteristics of each item, I was hoping to use getItemById but that just seems to return the item number not the full JSON data which I need to bill properly.

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