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Update User & Role Feature

I would like to request that we make both the user and role apps into a table that can be filtered, sorted, duplicated, bulk loaded etc.

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Especially duplicated. It's pretty obnoxious to have to manually click a zillion checkboxes when creating each role for each LOB.

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5 months have passed... #progress

This would be really helpful. The checkboxes are very annoying to make a role that is similar but a few permissions different. 

Maybe putting another comment will help move this forward.

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Hey it's now 7 months later... there are interns that work at my company that could implement this faster than that. Maybe if we all just start sending Infoplus a bill for the time they cost us doing menial data entry tasks (that every other competent WMS automates) they'd start caring.

Hi @Jonathan,

Thank you for your continued input in the forums. While we value all of our customers feedback, we can never make any promises as to if and when a suggestion will get implemented; however, I can assure you that this particular request is on our product teams radar. We will let you know just as soon as we have something in the works but until then be sure to sign up for our product updates for the full extent of features, bug fixes and enhancements that we're always pushing out. We really do appreciate your feedback and look forward to your future suggestions.

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