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Choosing specific lots when placing orders (AKA: Overriding Item Receipts)

Hi All,

See example below, this would help us.  

One of our clients was having an issue when choosing specific lots on the Order Screen. When they are trying to choose the lots, they are greeted with a list of receipts that may or may not still have stock remaining in inventory. The screen doesn't show what's still available, so they may not choose enough to fill the order, which causes it to not fulfill.


Is there any way to see what the remaining stock is on this screen? I tried adding columns, but none of them seem to be doing the trick.



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Items showing "Available", but depleted, please go to the "Perpetual Inventory Log" table then query for the 'SKU' & 'Current Quantity' greater-than 0. The output will give the current availability information you're needing.

Hi Vaneise,

Unfortunately this is still an issue because the original screen is still showing the item as "available" when it's actually "depleted".  It's very difficult, after we've trained all of our customers already, to tell them to "Ignore the information in the original screen when picking receipts to pull from, it's incorrect, open another table and use that to cross reference".  Additionally, Infoplus should not give our customers the option to choose a depleted receipt.  I really need this one addressed, as the workaround does not solve the potential for customers selecting depleted receipts and thus having orders be delayed.  There has to be a way to resolve this.



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