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Fulfillment Process "Mark in Progress Button"

Good Morning,

Our team is supposed to mark processes as "In Progress" after they print it.  This lets the people pulling know they don't have to click into any fulfillment processes that are already "In Progress".

However, sometimes, one of our people will accidentally hit "Mark in Progress" and forget to print the order.  This leads to orders not printing out and missing orders.

If it'd be possible to include an option that we could toggle, that would automatically mark the process as "In Progress" after it's printed, that would be great.



Hi Frank,

Fulfillment processes will automatically be updated as In Progress once any of the work batches associated it have been started so if you are using the scanning apps, you don't need to manually do that. Hope this helps. 

Hi Carter,

Thanks for your response.  Yes I was aware of this, but unfortunately the issue is that there is a delay from when we print the order and start working on it.  During that window, people printing orders can't differentiate if an order has been printed or not without clicking into it.  I guess another option would be to make a column that shows "printed".  That way we can filter by what's been printed, and let the status button work as you indicated above.

Thanks Carter!


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