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JOB used to make KITs

Can you use Job to make Kits? Do you have instructions for this type of application?

To note, we are currently working on updated content for the jobs module and should have it available in the near future. 

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Recipes**, sorry I've updated the comment. 

As mentioned, an order gets created to keep the component inventory in check, so marking that order as shipped is what tells Infoplus the components picked are no longer on hand. If you prefer to wait and ship until after you finished the job, that is an option as well. 

Once you complete a job (see the link in the last comment) an ASN will be available with the completed assembly quantity. You can search 'JOB' in the receiving app to see all open Job ASN's. From there, simply receive in the finished good product. 

Receipts or recipes?

What value does "shipping" an order provide in the context of a job?

How do the newly made kits enter inventory?

Hey Andy,

Importing job recipes from the kit table is not currently a supported feature of Infoplus; however, since both tables are exposed to our API, it can technically be accomplished via scripting. 

You will want to choose whichever fulfillment plan you prefer to use as far as the picking of the components is concerned, ie does it make more sense to grab the components using a pick to cart method or will you need more of a simple wave batched by SKU process? 

Whenever you start a job, Infoplus will create a job order so that the inventory can be allocated and a fulfillment process can be generated to complete the pick work. Some of our users prefer to create a fulfillment plan specifically for job picking that has the auto-ship orders setting configured to true. As a result, whenever they create a job and produce the pick work, Infoplus will automatically mark the job order as shipped. This is not a requirement as you are able to physically mark the job order as shipped once you are done picking as if it were a standard order. 

And does it make a difference what fulfillment plan is used with recipes?

"Select the Fulfillment Plan that will be used when a Job created from a Job Recipe is executed, which will then remove the Job Inputs from inventory." (

Somewhere I'd seen autoship needed to be set to true. What other settings are important for successful recipes?

Can the recipes import the kit definitions, which already exist?

My goal is the easiest way to create a build request for non-KOD kits... something along the lines of Actions > Build Kit.

What's the easiest way to have Infoplus direct warehouse staff to build kits?

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It is possible to bulk load job recipes. There is a bulk load option from the action menu drop down in the Job Recipe table. 

Is it possible to load an existing kit build into the job recipe?

Hi Rick,

Yes, it is possible to create kits as an output of a job. you can read more here:

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