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Enhance Packing Station, Scan Item and Insert Quantity

Allow for multiple packing station criteria that would allow a user to scan one item and enter the quantity packed out into the package vs. having to scan each item individually.

This would be beneficial for orders with large quantities of different SKUs.

It would also be beneficial for International Orders which require the order to be cartonized.

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This would make packing LARGE orders like over 25 units + much easier and efficient. Also even able to scan Master carton UPCs and Inner carton UPCs in replacement of the each level UPC to input the quantity. 

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This is a big one for us.  Having to scan a carton with a large amount of items numerous times is very inefficient.  This would help us a lot



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Just wanted to ask, is there a timeline on the above?  I'm trying to determine if we should develop something internally to work around the limitations of the Pack Station, or wait until a feature comes out that improves the above



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