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Pre-Determining Allocation for Orders (Enhancement to Override Item Receipt for Allocation)

I am entering this forum request as a result of multiple companies requesting the ability to pre-determine allocation for orders. 

Currently, to dictate what item receipts get allocated to an order (outside of Infoplus's standard allocation rules) is by using our override item receipts for allocation feature for every line on every order.

I am requesting that we give our users the ability to set the item receipt override via scripts/API or by Bulk Load mapping.  I have some real life use cases from some of our customers defined below. 

Use Case 1

Client holds automobile items unique to specific VIN numbers. Clients customer will ship them parts with the VIN being captured as the PO & the PIT values in Infoplus. Sometime down the road their client will need a part for that particular VIN number and consequently place an order against it. This client would like to be able to enter the VIN via API on order creation, or - if it has to be done during fulfillment, enter the VIN as a custom field for each order line so the information is there.

Use Case 2:

Client offers print on demand services and is required to use specific inventory for specific orders. (Their client sends them specific component products to kit for each order). Currently this client has a script setup to create an ASN for any print on demand order they receive. They use this to receive in the associated component products. Now they want to be able to use a script to update the override on each order to the item receipts that were created for it.  

Use Case 3:

Client uses Infoplus to manage a 'build' process and needs to be able to allocate inventory by a unique batch number. The batch number is being captured as the product id tag field and they were hoping to be able to allocate any inventory with this matching batch id's via bulk loading. One build might require multiple batches that will be uploaded all at once. 

Use Case 4: 

Client runs a 3PL with a customer that needs to be able to request specific quantities of specific lots, across the same or multiple SKUs on any given order. They are currently entering the overrides by hand but are planning to integrate with this client via API in the future as they scale. 

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In addition to the above uses there is a real need for being able to select specific quantities of inventory from a specific location. Currently we can only select based on "Item Receipt" data and it would be helpful if "Inventory Detail" information was available as well.

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

Great news, this has been selected for implementation and will be rolling out with this evenings 10pm CST release. I will follow up here with more information tomorrow morning.

Thank you for implementing this!

Is it possible to include as an optional field on the Order Bulk Load?

Following up..

Hi Manuel,

As of right now this would have to be done via script or over the API. With that being said, you would still be able to upload a value to a field (or custom field) via bulk load that a script can evaluate and easily run with to accomplish the same results. 

Noticed there is no check on product id tag...meaning when a pick is made, the mobile app dictates what product id tag to pick (assuming this is done by FIFO), unless the order contains a specific product id tag.

In any case, the mobile app does not "check" the correct product id tag is being picked (i.e. the same way the pick process prompts the user to scan source location, part number and cart location). 

Is this something that can be implemented?

Hey Manuel,

Yes it is! We have a feature called Product Id Tag Schemes (it's own table) where you can create a scheme that requires product id tags on inbound, outbound and allows you to choose if you allow duplicate ID's. Once you have a scheme created, you can assign items to that scheme. Once items are pointed to a scheme, as long as it is setup to be required on outbound, it will prompt your user to scan the product id tag. 

Hi Carter! I don't see an option to require on outbound, only on inbound. 

Hey Manuel,

Sorry about that, the verbiage is 'Assign During Allocation'.  Updating that field to true should require your team to scan the product id tag when picking the order. 

I believe that attribute only drives the fulfillment aspect..

Meaning that with a true value, the system will allocate any Product ID Tag (and show it during the pick process)..

With a false value, the allocation does not account for any Product ID Tag (that I can tell).

Neither of these enforces a scan during the picking process.

Hi Manuel,

Setting the attribute to true will indeed force your users to scan the PIT related with the allocation. Here is our knowledge base article on the subject:

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