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Infinite Peripherals - latest SDK

It's come to our attention that we will need to make some updates to the system (SDK) in order to support the most recent Infinite Peripherals devices. (LP7 and up)

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Hi Carter, 

I have actually been in some conversations with Infinite Peripherals looking to procure devices to really get our warehouse up to speed with the mobile functionality. 

Has there been any update? They had advised that before sending a demo to test with, I'd need some type of confirmation that Infoplus is updating their SDK to work with the new models. 

Wondering if I can get any type of response here? By any team member of Infoplus. 

Here is the ticket I created regarding this topic,

and it was stated that there is no current roadmap for the SDK being updated at all. 

Why not? 

It seems that your mobile features have been left ignored for quite some time. Last major update being the Serialization feature, which my company invested in. 

When will the Classic apps being removed and all functions work in the Mobile Floor Apps? 

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