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Backorder Clarification

Good Morning,

I just wanted to verify something in regards to backorders.

If I set an item to "Backorders - No", it will still put the order with that item in backorders, but it will never leave backorders, is that correct?   I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.  

If I missed it in the knowledge base, I apologize



Hi Frank,

Not exactly, and it's a rather important field so I'm glad you asked! 

Back orders are controlled in two places. First, the ship complete attribute of orders will determine whether an order can ship partial or not. If an order is set to ship complete false - you allow back orders. Furthermore, the item back order setting simply tells Infoplus whether or not you want to allow that item on a back order if you do allow partial orders. If it is set to no and the order it's on is set to ship complete false, that line item will be completely removed from the order so that you can ship what you have. Only items with backorder set to yes will be put on a subsequent back order. 

Hope this made sense! Let us know. Thanks

Makes perfect sense, thanks man!

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