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Merge Orders

We'd love a way to merge orders.  We'd use this when a customer places two orders and requests they be combined and shipped together.  This happens frequently in our business.

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You sparked my interest on this one. I got curious if this is possible via scripts, and turns out it is! I have created a knowledge base article on how this can be accomplished.  

I ran through this in your test site so you can go check it out. Here is a high level on how it works: 

1: I created a custom field for your orders called 'Merge With Order' 

Once you have identified two orders that you want to merge together, you will edit one of them and enter the opposite order number in this field. (if you ever have the need to merge more than two orders we will need an additional custom field to handle that, but it should be possible). ex. If you are attempting to merge order 1.000 and 2.000, you can edit 1.000 and enter 2.000 as the Merge With Order value. Make sure to include the .000. 

2: Once you have put a value in the Merge With Order field, you can run the script called 'Merge Orders' 

This script will first make sure that both orders in question are in an 'On Order' status. 

Next, it will grab the line items from the order being merged and add them to the order that the script is running against. Note that we can allow an order to have the same sku more than once in scenarios you need to merge orders with the same line items (enter a support ticket to request that). 

I made sure to tag the order with 'Merged Order' so you can easily identify orders that have been merged. 

Finally, the script will delete out the order that was merged. I will see if there is a way to cancel the order vs delete it entirely. 

Let us know if this works for you and we can assist you in getting this implemented in your production site!


The team here brought up a great point as I was having them review the Knowledge Base article I wrote. If you make a change like this within Infoplus, we will not be able to properly close out the order in your Shopping Cart. I am going to revert this back to non-implemented for you. Hopefully this will still help you out since you are still having to manually make those updates today. 


Along with Merging orders we may have need of a way to Ship Multiple Order together as one shipment, but, keep them as separate order records in the system.

Along these lines is the ability to simply process a shipment / generate a label through the system that is not tied directly to a specific order.

Hey Mike,

Good timing. Check out our product update from today:

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