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Clear All Smart Filter Button

Good Afternoon,

It would be very beneficial to us if the "Clear All Smart Filters" also cleared the selected items (IE: check marks) in each filter.  This would ensure that, when navigating a long list of items in a particular filter, we don't have something selected that we shouldn't when we go to create a filter.

Currently, to avoid complications, we're going to clear each individual filter.  Obviously, It would be more efficient for us to be able to use the "Clear All Smart Filters" option.



Hi All,

Carter thanks for your response.  You actually made me realize something that is beneficial.  Before I get to that point, I misspoke about 1 thing above:  I meant to say that "Clear Current Filter" option under the "Smart Filters" menu (Rather than "Clear All Smart Filters").  This may have caused you confusion Carter, my bad.

Having said that, if you have a particular smart filter selected and hit "Clear Current Filter", it seems to clear all the check marks.  It looks to be when you select individual filters, rather than a saved filter, and try to "Clear Current Filter" that it leaves the checks in place.  It's good to know I can clear saved filters without issue.

Thanks for your guys help, as always


Hey All,

Has this already been implemented or are you still working on it?  Only asking because it looks to still be occurring for me.  No big deal, I've gotten used to working around it, just curious



Sorry, Frank, we mistakenly updated it to implemented. I've changed it back for you. 

No problem!



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