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Find Work - Work Batch ID Search Field

Good Morning,

We primarily use "Find Work" for pulling orders.  I noticed today, unless I'm missing it, that the only document that has the Work Batch ID is the Fulfillment Process Summary.  We don't currently print that document out, we print out the Order Assembly Guide and Pick Summary.

It would be really beneficial to get a bar code on either of those two documents that would allow us to scan it so the work comes up automatically (instead of having to search for the work).  Even better, if we could search by Fulfillment Process Number, that would also solve the issue



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Hey Frank, 

While I too would like to see our standard documentation updated with work batch id's, we do have a solution for you involving smart documents! 

I just emailed you some specifics but will give you the basic run down for anyone else to see: 

I created a smart document and script for you that you guys can tweak and change as you like. This is just a good base template. This particular smart document is set for fulfillment processes, grouped by orders and sorted by layout position - all of which can be tweaked. You can also attach smart documents to fulfillment plans so that they automatically generate and become available in the fulfillment process documents.

I will create a KB article on this and update this post with the link once I have it!

This is great Carter, I really appreciate it thank you!  Chris and I are going to look into implementing this immediately, this will really help us.  Thanks for your help, as always

 Was there ever a KB article made for this?

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