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Files Attached Printed With Fulfillment Process

Good Afternoon,

It would be very beneficial if there was someway that a fulfillment process accumulated all associated "Files Attached" so we could print them in one place.  Currently, for example, we have customers who attach files to every order and we have to go into every order to print them.  It would save a lot of time if the fulfillment process could somehow gather them all so they were in one central location within the fulfillment process screen.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Frank,

As you know, we recently updated our API so that files can be searched and attached in the system. While that doesn't directly solve your issue of printing them all in mass, I did want to make sure that you were aware any files attached to an order will be available from the UI in the shipping app so they can be printed from the warehouse floor. 

Now that our API has been enhanced it would be possible to use the API or a simple GET with a curl command. Hopefully this helps!

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This is great Carter, thanks for the update!  Appreciate it!

Have a good weekend


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