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Enhance Ship Station Criteria Feature

HI All,

We haven't been able to use the packing station thus far because it does not allow us to manually enter the weight.  Unfortunately, many of our customers don't have records of what their items weigh, so as of yet, we've been unable to update the weights in Infoplus.  As you're aware, this complicates the process even more when you have an international order with more than 1 box.  

If there was any way we could use the packing station to pick a carton, pack the contents, but manually enter the weight of the carton; it would be extremely beneficial

Thank You!


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Hi Frank,

As always thanks for the input, and as usual I believe I have an answer for you.  We have a table called 'Ship Station Criteria' where you have the ability to enable weight checks on packed orders. If you have this set to true, you can use our pack station as normal and when you go to ship the order, the system will ask you to verify the weight first.  

As it stands the Ship Station Criteria is a global setting so all orders would be weight checked. I would love to see Infoplus enhance this feature and make it a setting that can be dictated by order source. If you agree with our proposed solution, I can change this request title to enhanced ship station criteria. Let us know!

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Hey Carter,

I really appreciate your reply on this, this helps us tremendously.  Thanks as always for your help!

Appreciate it,


I also agree with your proposed solution, that would be very beneficial

Thanks again!


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