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Order Assembly Guide

Kind of embarassed I have so many of these open, I just like to make you guys aware of I think of things we can improve down the road.  No rush on this stuff

Wanted to see, if at some point, the order assembly guide could convert eaches to packs or cases if the UOM is filled in.  For example, for LOB: Gelliarts, it will say 20 eaches instead of 1 case (UOM: 20 eaches = 1 case)



Hey Frank,

We really appreciate your input here and hope you keep them coming! As you know we do actively monitor the forums and hope to see more customers following your lead.

For this request, I will point out that our pick list document does respect unit of measure as long as you have a 'qty per UOM' value set on the item record. For example if Item A had a qty per case of 12, and the pick required 18, it would ask your picker to grab 1 case and 6 eaches vs 18 eaches. 

Thanks again for all your input here. 

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Thanks Carter appreciate it man!  Please see attached, it shows an item record with "20" per case but the order assembly guide says "30" eaches.  I also just realized though, that when I did the quick receipt, I left the UOM blank for some of the items.  Could that be why?

Thanks Man!


Hey Frank,

The Pick List document is separate from the Order Assembly Guide.  The pick list is configured under the pick work option in fulfillment plans and will give you a summary of every line that needs picked by order or item (depending on how you have it configured). 

It isn't a per order document like the OAG, but if you have your fulfillment plan setup to batch one per order (per this thread)then it should just give you a pick list per order. 

Take a look at our pick documents here:

Got it, I wasn't thinking of the pick list. Thanks Carter appreciate it!


Hey Carter,

I've been experimenting with the Pick List over the weekend, and while I like it, it's not something we're ready to include in our operations just yet.  We may down the road, but we're just not there yet.  If it'd be at all possible to have the OAG reflect the correct UOM at some point (IE: convert eaches to packs or cases), that'd really be helpful.



One more request, if at all possible, would be to add the UOM to the OAG

Thanks again!

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