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Non-Summarized (Separated) Orders Under One Fulfillment Process

God Afternoon,

Vaneise suggested I post my question below for future updates, thanks as always!


Currently when picking items, if there is more than 1 order, the mobile app combines the items on the order for pulling and then assists you in separating the items for each order.  This works great when we have a lot of the same items in multiple orders.  However, we have 1 customer I'm thinking of in particular who can have 100s of orders with an assortment of different SKUs.  In this instance, with our old system, we found it was more efficient to just pull and pack by each individual order.

Having said that, if I have a bunch of orders under one fulfillment process, is there an option in the "Fulfillment Plan" that will not summarize the orders?  In other words, the app will instruct the user to pull each order separately rather than combining the items on the orders and then having them separate them?  I'm asking because it would be easier for us to print each order if it was under one fulfillment process.  Currently, for this customer, I have one order designated to each fulfillment process so they are not combined into a summary.  I've been playing around with it on the test site to no avail, so just thought I'd ask. 

Hey Frank,

We absolutely support what you're trying to accomplish for this customer. In fact, there are a few different ways to go about this. 

The solution I would explore first is our batch size on the fulfillment plan. If you set the max batch to 1, Infoplus will split every order into it's own work batch that will effectively let you pick orders one at a time. As always let us know if this works for you!

Hey Carter,

Thanks for your response, hope all is well!  I might not have explained what I'm trying to accomplish correctly.  Your response is absolutely correct, however when we do it that way, it will provide a fulfillment process for each batch that we have to print separately.  My hope was to have multiple batches within the same process, so when we "print" the order assembly guide, it prints out all the orders at once (but does not summarize them when we pull from the app).  Currently, for orders I don't want summarized in the app, I'm creating separate batches but it just takes a while for us to click into each process and print them out.  Let me know if this doesn't make sense I'll provide some screenshots to illustrate 

Thanks as always!


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