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Invoice Worksheet Line Detail

Good Afternoon,

I realize you guys just came out with this update today, so this is not by any means a rush.  Just wanted to see that if, at some point, it might be possible to summarize items or lines on an order for this table?  So, instead of showing each item or line, you could possibly create a column (Like you have in other tables) that says "Number of line items" or "Number of lines" and multiply that number by the charge rate?  It would just condense the report for our customers.

Again not a rush



Hi Frank,

Thanks for the suggestion. This table can be filtered upon, so you may look into creating custom user pivot reports to accomplish this. Let us know if this works out for you. 

Didn't think of that Carter, I'll try that.  Thanks appreciate it!

No problem! Reach out if you need any assistance and please let us know how it goes, either way. 


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