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Order Assembly Guide

Would be very helpful if the "Order Assembly Guide" totaled the number of items at the bottom of the page.  Sometimes we use this as a double-check to verify number of items pulled



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Couple things on this one:

Just noticed this is now called "Order Packing Documents".  I may have either misread it or maybe it changed, but just wanted to clarify.

Also, I realize you have other pressing items, but this would be very helpful if you could add asap.  We're currently printing summaries for every sheet since the order packing documents do not include UOM.



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Things that should be added as options for the Order Assembly Guide:

Unit of Measure in addition to or in substitution to EACHES

Work Batch ID#

Mapping of Custom Fields

Kit Build Instructions

Customer PO#

Work ID

Perhaps making the document similar to the packing list, where different templates could be created and assigned to different fulfillment plans?

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