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Orderable Quantity addition to item pop-up

Hello Everyone,

One of our customers would like to be able to see how much orderable inventory they have for a specific SKU on the order screen, without having to cross-check the item screen.

Reason: They need to know how why their order is still in backorders even though the "Available" quantity shows there is enough to fulfill it. Refer to ticket #12885 for how they are setup.

They'd like to be able to see the Orderable quantity here:


Which should be -24, as shown here:


Thanks ECWF,

One solution you could explore is the 'fulfillability details' field on the order table. This field can be added as a column in the table view or it can be accessed from the fulfillability tab in the order record itself. See below. 

Hey Carter,

This helps tremendously, thanks appreciate it!


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