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Having the ability to add case count on smart document or packing slip

Most of our client require total quantity and case count on the packing slips. It would be really nice to be able to have these be able to be made in infoplus. 

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Hey Seth,

I agree, it would be very beneficial for users to be able to add the Total Case Quantity to a Packing Slip.  Since this is not currently available, one way to accomplish this is to create a Smart Document that contains the information your clients are wanting to see on a Packing Document.  Once the Smart Document is create you are able to assign SmartDoc to Fulfillment Plans so they generate when you run fulfillment.  Here is our Knowledge Base article around SmartDocuments.  

If this feature gets added in the future we will be sure to update this post. 



Hey Joel, 

I looked into using a smartDoc to do this a while ago, but I was told that it would not work. 

Hey Joel, 

Can we use smart Document to make this happen this would help me out a lot. 

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