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GS1 Labels

It would be great if we could create GS1 labels right from an order in infoplus 

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Seth - The Roadmap for the Infoplus EDI module includes this ability and is scheduled to be in beta near the end of the 4th quarter of this year. 

The roadmap includes the following highlights 

- Order Source SKU Mappings (For EDI Connections and Shopping Carts) 

- Additional "Ready Made" Documents (846, 853, 851, 858, 864, 870, 869, 753, 715, 754)

- Turn Key Amazon FBA and Marketplace Solutions with B2B Gateway 

- Routing Advice and Routing Automation 

- Master Carton and Carton Relationships 

- GS128 Label Generation and Customization

Most of these will be part of the Infoplus EDI Module.   If you are interested, we can include you on the beta list for the module this fall.  

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