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Ability To See How Many Products Are Allocated To A Specific Location

We are having problems with understanding how to determine how many products are allocated to a specific location. I would prefer it on mobile but the desktop would be ok. 

The only place I see that there are allocated order is when you look at a cycle count on the gun. 

It is dramatically hurting our numbers because we can't tell if there are orders against a location - even in the desktop. 

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Same here. I tried to get this information recently and ran into the same issues. It would be a really helpful addition to see allocation per location and locations per item.

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Just jumping in to see if this is able to be implemented. Every single WMS I have used or seen has this feature easily accessible for both mobile and desktop and continues to cause confusion with employees.

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This feature would be very useful if implemented correctly. Would cut down the rate of items being picked incorrectly and speed up our ability to be proactive on our inventory instead of reactive.

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