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API search query syntax

When viewing instructions for the filter parameter of the various searches, found here:
I recognize the syntax only as MongoDB query syntax. 2 questions:
1) Is this indeed what you're using? So when constructing queries for this property, can I consult their documentation? If not, what are you using?
2) Can I simply assign my query as a URI-encoded parameter? Like, v2.0/orders?filter=orderId%20eq%20500

Best Answer

Yup to all of that. Thanks!

Hi Dylan, thanks for reaching out,

1:  We are not using MongoDB query syntax, despite the apparent similarity.  We are using a custom query parser, whose syntax is documented in the search queries section near the top of our API reference page here:

2:  I believe your HTTP syntax there is correct (with the %20 's) - but note, the field you're looking for on the orders endpoint would be orderNo, not orderId.  So if you were using curl, a command line like this would work for you (to find order 500):

curl -H API-Key:YOURKEY -H Content-Type:application/json ""

I also want to mention, if you know you're trying to get a single record by its primary key, such as an order by its orderNo, you could avoid the search?filter approach, and just use:  GET /infoplus-wms/api/v2.0/order/500

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Yup to all of that. Thanks!

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