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Creating an Order

I'm integrating a .NET application with the API for a client. Order POST is returning a vanilla internal server error.

The HTTP client is basic, and is working fine with the GET endpoint, so I assume there  is a problem with my model.

Are there instructions (aside from the API docs, which don't seem to be enough) for creating a valid Order model? Or access to request logs? Or...something to avoid the hours of fiddling with dozens parameters It looks like I'm staring down?

Hey Dylan,

We have some instructions for creating orders via the API which can be found here, in our knowledge base:

I think you may also find the following article help too as it explains how to manage customers via the API as well:

As far as access logs are concerned, all incoming API requests to Infoplus are logged in the API Log table.  This log table can be found here,, where "client-subdomain" should replaced with the client you're working with.  

Feel free to reach out again if you have any follow up questions!

Thank you,


Infoplus Support

Aaaaand….we have a 200. In my experience that's the biggest milestone when developing automated API consumption, so thank you! You probably saved me hours of work.

You might be interested to know that your Date format string here
is "YYYY-MM-DD", which is invalid in most case-sensitive languages. I think you want "yyyy-MM-dd".

Thanks again!

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