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Add File Column to Receiving Worksheet Table

Receiving has been using the File Manager function to attach packing lists & other delivery paperwork to worksheet records.  It's fabulous.  Someone in Account Services has expressed interest in having File as a table column similar to the Notes column.  If you can make that happen, it would be useful to AS in searching for records with existing files attached.  (They realize the file contents couldn't be displayed as the notes are now.) 




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Hi Angela, 

This is now possible! As of last night we updated our API to be able to 'get' file attachments, meaning we can setup a custom field that gets populate via script that will identify whether a record has an attachment or not. 

For your particular use case, George could assist in getting a custom field created to identify whether a file is attache or not and also help implement the script below in your site. Once it is implemented, you can setup a trigger to evaluate each record and have that custom field updated. Hope this helps!

// use the API to search the receipt for a file attachment

var receiptAttachment = infoplusApi.getFiles("itemReceipt",;

utils.log("Found " + receiptAttachment.size()+" Files");


    if(receiptAttachment != null)


        for(var i=0; i<receiptAttachment.size(); i++)


        var receiptFile = receiptAttachment.get(i);

        utils.log("Found File: " + receiptFile.fileName);

        record.customFields.put("fileAttached", "true");




Hi, Carter.  That is great news!  I'll pass the word to Zane and the account reps in case they don't already know.  Thanks for working on this request!

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