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Filter records in tables to see if they have files attached

Today, it's not possible to filter tables to only show records that do or do not have files attached.

A possible advanced filter for this would be to only show records with files attached that exceed (or are smaller than) a certain size (1 MB for example).


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Not having this filter makes it very hard to make sure all files that are attached have been printed. Also there is no real step in the app to confirm that it has been printed, so if a special packing slip is required there is no check point or stop point to make sure it is printed.  

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I agree with Seth and think this feature would help tremendously

Seth / Frank,

You'll be happy to know that we enhanced our API so that users can now get files through it, meaning you should be able to utilize a script and a custom field to accomplish your request. As always we will work on getting a knowledge base article created around this; however, the script would essentially use the API to check if an order (or any record for that matter) has file(s) associated with it. If found, not only could you 'get' the file, you can also update a custom field that you can then be filtered and sorted on.

We also have a customer using this feature to find receipt attachments for order lines after they have been allocated. Once found, the script updates the order with those files. This allows them to systematically retrieve required information that gets captured at the time of receipt that is needed for shipping.

This is great Carter, thanks!

Hi all,

Just following up here with the API function to getFiles. The example below checks every order for an attached file(s) and will update a custom field depending on the results. 

var orderAttachment = infoplusApi.getFiles("order", record.orderNo);

utils.log("Found " + orderAttachment.size()+" Files");


    if(orderAttachment != null)


        for(var i=0; i<orderAttachment.size(); i++)


        var orderFile = orderAttachment.get(i);

        utils.log("Found File: " + orderFile.fileName);

        record.customFields.put("fileAttached", "true");

        infoplusApi.updateCustomFields("order", order);



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Awesome, thanks Carter!

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