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How to filter for back orders

We would like to monitor backorders that are over 24 hours old, but have some questions around how to filter for these:

  • Is there a system process that sets the service type to back order when a back order is generated, (order number.001, etc)? If so what combination of service type and status should show us back orders?
  • I found this article that refers to unfulfillable orders: is there another system tag that we might be able to use to create this filter?

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Hey George,

Back orders in the order table have a status of "Back Order" and a service type of "Back Order".  Filtering on these two will give you all of your existing backorders.

As for the system tags, we have a handful that are used when orders are unfulfillable depending on the situation.  Below is the full table of all system tags that can appear, the event that causes them to appear, and a detailed explanation of each one. 

Tag to appearObject
ipsys-dnf-uaOrderOrder Did Not Fulfill, due to inventory in Un-Allocatable locationsInfoplus supports the concept of un-allocatable but available inventory. This condition would happen when product is placed in a warehouse location that has been categorized as unallocatable (such as LPN's or Offline locations). This tag is applied to orders who fail to allocate due to product being available but not allocatable.
ipsys-dnf-rrOrderOrder Did Not Fulfill due to Retail ReservationsA feature has been developed for Infoplus called "Retail Reservations". This allows the product owner to control what amount of a SKU is available to different sub-sets of orders that are processed (Based on the order source). This tag is applied to orders who fail to allocate due to product being limited based on the declared amount via retail reservations.
ipsys-dnf-scOrderOrder Did Not Fulfill due to ship complete requirement.In this scenario, an attribute was put on the order stating everything must ship as ordered together ("Ship Complete"). When processing these orders, if any item cannot be fulfilled the order will not be included in a fulfillment process.
ipsys-scheduled-jobSome Type of ProcessScheduled Plan has executed and created a process.Scheduled plans (Currently Replenishment or Fulfillment) can be scheduled to run automatically. As these automations created Fulfillment Processes or Replenishment Processes, they are tagged with this value.
ipsys-order-schedule-failOrderOrder is placed / modified with a delivery on date that cannot be scheduled.An order is placed calling out a deliver on date that cannot be met based on business rules for product (IE frozen food) or date not supported by Parcel carriers.
ipsys-dnf-override-receiptsOrderOrder Did Not Fulfill because it has Overridden Item Receipts for FulfillmentUsers can assign specific Item Receipts to an Order Line Item, to override the inventory that is allowed to be used to fulfill the Order. If this scenario causes an order to fail to allocate, this tag will be applied to the Order.
ipsys-dnf-no-lines-allocatedOrderOrder Did Not Fulfill because none of its Lines successfully AllocatedNone of the line items on the order had stock, so the order fell out of a process and stayed in the On Order status.
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