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Change Country of Origin field on ASN line item entry to be a drop down with possible values

Today the Country of Origin field when adding a line item on an ASN is a text box, rather than a drop down with a list of countries to choose from. This change would allow users to standardize how origin country is recorded when receiving via an ASN.

This Country of Origin field needs to be consistently accurate because it's used to determining the ISO2 country code to send to customs when requesting an international shipping label. Changing this field to a drop down with possible values would lead to greater accuracy during receiving.

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On another note, The shipping station does not error when an item is missing a country of origin, only when it is missing commodity codes and pricing. Nearly 100% of customs offices Require the Country of Manufacture to be listed on the Commercial Invoice.

Further, the country of origin is not a field on the item level at all. This should be available on the item level as a default and then overridden on a per receipt basis if it is different for a specific LOT of inventory.

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