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Address correction without the need to un-ship / un-fulfill an order

Occasionally, we discover or field a request a request for an address change to an order that has already been packed/fulfilled/shipped. 

The current process to update a delivery address requires that we un-process and un-fufill that order in order to update the ship-to address and re-process the order to generate a new shipping. The downside to this process is that this also requires the fulfillment team to un-pack and re-scan the order after re-processing thereby having to scan/fill that order twice despite the only real business need to update the UPS label. 

Goal: Develop a shortcut that enables us to simply create/generate a n updated UPS label with the updated delivery address for the already scanned/filled order that does not require us to unpack and re-scan/re-pack the contents of the order that would replace the originally generated UPS label. 


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Hey Matt,

I have some good news, you have the ability to use the Process Edit Processed Orders in the Actions menu of the Order table.  This will allow users to be able to edit the Ship To Address without having to un-fulfill the Order.  This feature will also allow Users to be able to edit orders that have been shipped already as well.  Here is the Knowledge Base article around this process that goes fully into detail around it. 



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