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Populating custom field on label with customer PO#

We have a client that would like to have the customer PO print on shipping labels via the custom field on the label that was recently released. Can we get details and/or an example script that would do this?


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Hey George,

There are 3 fields on the order table that you can use to customize values that appear on your parcel labels.  They are:

  • parcelLabelRef1
  • parcelLabelRef2
  • parcelLabelRef3

If you wanted to copy an order's customer PO number into the 2nd reference field, you could use a script as simple as this:


order.parcelLabelRef2 = order.customerPONo;
infoplusApi.update("order", order);


Then just create a Trigger to run that script, and you should be all set.


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