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Method to flag SKUs for rush receipts

We would like to be able to flag back ordered SKUs, (out of stock SKUs), for rush receipt when our receivers are creating a receiving worksheet. Can we get advice on how to do this?

Hi George,

Are you saying that you want some sort of indicator that will let receivers know which SKUs are currently out of stock when creating receiving worksheets? We don't have anything like this available today but I could imagine a future enhancement to help with this.  When adding line items to a receiving worksheet, we could also display the Overall Stock Status for each SKU.  Overall Stock Status has possible values of Normal, Low Stock, and Out of Stock.  That way your receivers have a better idea of which line items are currently Out of Stock.  

If this sounds like what you're looking for please let me know and I'll get the enhancement request spec'ed out and added to our development backlog. 




That's exactly what we need, please create an enhancement request for this.

Thank you.

No problem, George.  I have created enhancement request IPWMS-8853 on your behalf.  We will contact you directly once the request has been prioritized for development. 

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