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Reporting script

A client of ours wants to see open purchase orders listed on a report.  They want to view bakcorders, but also know if this item is already on order with a vendor.  

I've got the script working to the point of adding a blank column, but I'm not sure what value to use to get the data they want, (I've tried openASN and openAsn:




   reportRow.put("Open Purchase Orders", openAsn);



   // Add the row back to the report (else it will be an empty report) 



but the report column is blank, and it seems like it's dropping rows, (3 displayed, 1 in the downloaded report).


Yes, you can easily have an email sent when Orders are created with a particular SKU on them, using a Smart Filter and a Trigger.  Here's step-by-step:
1.  Put together a query on the Orders table for the LOB and SKU you are interested in.
2.  Save that query as a Smart Filter.
3.  On the Manage Triggers screen, create a new Trigger, choosing the Smart Filter you saved above, and selecting the Event of Insert.
4.  For the Trigger that you just created, add a new Action, choosing the Action Type of Send Email - just enter the email address and any custom note you want to accompany the email.


Not sure your reply pertains to the post topic.


Woops, my answer pertains to your second original question in the email sent to me: 2. Protective also wants an email sent when an order for a certain SKU lands, is this possible via script or otherwise?

(my answer above answers this)

For your original question, Darin mentioned he would 
update your script to do what you're looking for (looks like you've started this in script id 130, yes?), and we'll post a new KB article / example script as the forum solution.



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