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Future "Active" Settings in Scheduling Plans?

Would it be possible to have a future date setting that would automatically make a scheduled plan active?

In the new LOB setup meeting, the problem came up of an LOB starting to send orders that get "stuck" because the setting is not Active.  

We normally do not set new plans to Active for a variety of reasons.  Granted, all involved here should be aware when an account starts sending us orders, but 1) our customers are not always as informative as required, and 2) there are always numerous loose ends to tie with settling in an account and kicking off the fulfillment functions.  Having the ability to "auto-Active" on a certain date would be very helpful.  

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the suggestion!  I have created feature request IPWMS-9006 on your behalf.  We will be in contact with you when this feature request gets prioritized for development. 

Thanks, Matt -- that's very exciting, especially with some new accounts coming on! 

Also, it might help with some other "on/off" plan issues, too, depending on how it plays out.  

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