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Custom FIelds - How To

Looking for an example of how to add a custom field to an order.

The new V2 API talks about it but no real examples of how to add one.

Is it done on a record by record basis (ie: When you POST the order?) 

Tried that but get "Unknown field [ns_order_id] in custom field map."

Ok, I give, how do get a field into the 'custom field map'?


Hey Dane - Thanks for reaching out.   Great question and wanted to let you know that our team will be reaching out today with some ideas and solutions for you.   

Hi Dane,

The Infoplus API can be used to interact with custom fields, but actually adding new custom fields into your Infoplus instance requires assistance from our support team.  If you want to move forward with adding a custom field on orders, I can create a support ticket on your behalf and we can get that process started.

Once the custom field is added to your Infoplus instance, we have a detailed knowledge base article published that explains how to interact with it via the API.



Uh.. The KB link you sent does not work.

I get..

The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

Thanks for the info on how to setup custom fields.  

I'm just looking for the best way to 'poll' for completed orders.

Pulling orders based on a timestamp is "ok" but it is taking more than a few seconds to query per page. My other option is to pull updated shipments but I with many updates a hour (due to web hook from Easypost), there are a ton of 'modified' records. I guess I could also filter by status (If I can make sense of what 'Unknown' means). 

ps: (Half crazy idea)

Maybe think about adding the easypost shipment id to orders we push or  put the Infoplus order id in the shipment reference in Easypost.

I can then get the ID via the WMS API (or use the Easypost id) and setup a webhook on Easypost to get real time tracking updates too. (Just sayin)). 

The bottom line, with the Easypost webhook, I have no way to reference my order without a key in Infoplus or Easypost.

(ok, maybe a fully crazy idea).




On the larger problem you are trying to solve - we are very interested in what you are trying to do there and we might have a couple of additional ideas on the best way to do that (or what we can do at the product level to make this easy).   Matt and Darin are going to reach out and see if we can get some quick scheduled with you and see what we can get into the next product sprint to help this out. 

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