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Can I see my available inventory for an Item when I'm entering an Order?

Question--I can't see available inventory anywhere when I'm entering items (like I do in e-store). Where can I view it when I'm entering orders? I need to see that as my inventory at the office does not often line up and I need to advise customers on availability on the day of order entry. 

Suggestion--I'm a keystroke-saving girl. When you click the little circle button, you then have to click the "edit" button. One click instead of two is much appreciated when you are doing a lot of data entry; it would be nice not to have to go through two clicks for one function.

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We will be releasing a new improvement in the "Add Line Item" modal while placing an Order that will display the item's Orderable Quantity in addition to the item's Description that is currently displayed. This change will be visible in your Infoplus App instance on 8/4/16 after our evening release. Here's what it will look like:

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