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Can we get 'ship to email' avail to add to reports on order line table?

Customer wants to see YTD orders and also the email addresses on those order-  the ship to emails are only avail on the order query.  But that report is messy- items all on one line-  want the ability to have the items in a column (order line) but also send the ship to email addresses- like if running an order report.
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Hello Regina,

Thank you for the suggestion.  I've added this suggestion as a feature request to our backlog and will let you know once it's been prioritized for development.

In the meantime, a workaround for compiling this data would be to run a report on both the order and order line table for this LOB.  You could then use the VLOOKUP function (available in most spreadsheet programs) to pull in the Ship To Email from the Order report and into the Order Line report, matching on the Order Numbers from each report.  That should get you the data you're looking for in the format you're looking for until this feature request is prioritized for development.

Best wishes,

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