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Get Daily Detailed Inventory Reports Automatically Emailed

The Inventory Detail Table combines multiple tables (Location, Item and Item Receipt) to give you a detailed view of your inventory whenever you need. Using this table, you have the ability to create a powerful Inventory Report that can automatically land in your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This can be set up for you as well as other stakeholders that would like to receive this report easily.

First you will need to navigate to the Inventory Detail Table, in the Inventory Management application in Infoplus. It looks like this:

For this example, I would like to create a report to show all SKUs where the locations allows Item Mixing and allocation rule is Labor Optimized. I want to see SKU names and descriptions, location addresses, quantities, units per wrap and per case and PO numbers associated with the item receipts.

In order to accomplish this I will walk through these steps to create the final User Report that automatically sends out to a selected group of users every Monday.

  • In the Inventory Detail Table, I will add in addition to the default criteria already displayed (Location Warehouse, SKU, Id and Quantity) which would be Allow Item Mixing and Allocation Rule to the Query Criteria.
  • Since we're searching for ALL skus that locations allow item mixing and have a labor optimized allocation rule, we will click on both of these fields and for Allow Item Mixing we will check "True" in the dropdown menu. In the Allocation Rule field, we will select "Labor Optimized" in the dropdown menu.
  • Now this should filter out all of the items that fit this criteria.
  • We will now choose the columns that we would like to display on this report by clicking on the "Columns" field in the top right corner of the table. 
  • For this report, we will choose to show Warehouse Location, SKU, Quantity, Units Per Case, Units Per Wrap, PO No, Allow Item Mixing, Allocation Rule and Item Description. Your table should look like this:
  • Now that the columns and Query Criteria is what should be displayed on the report, we can now create a Smart Filter to save this criteria and that's what we will use to create our Inventory User Report.
  • To save the Smart Filter, click on the "Smart Filter" menu and click "Save' and name the smart filter. I'll name it Inventory Report. Now this is now a Smart Filter that you can run whenever you want to in Infoplus.
  • Navigate to the "Mange User Reports" application and click on "Create New" to create a new User Report.
  • In this modal that pops up, you will need to select the Inventory Report smart filter, Name your report, and drag and drop your columns to arrange them the order that you would like them to display by using the dots to the left of each column name.
  • You can Preview this report, by clicking "Preview" or you can just "Save" to save the User Report.
  • After saving this User Report, you will land on the "Manage User Reports" screen again where you should see the Inventory Report.
  • Create a Subscription for this report by clicking on the "0" under the Subscriptions column.
  • Click "Create New" in the popup modal and complete the form to create a subscription for this report.
  • You can send to multiple email addresses in the "Email" field, click on "Advanced" for more options on dates to send out.
  • Once this is complete, click "Save" and you have set up a recurring subscription of this report until you cancel the subscription.
You can read more on how to create a User Report in our Knowledge Base article.
The Inventory Report that you build should look something like this:

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